My personal CV.
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distribution_id="E1B9KWNF6O30FL" # Cloudfront distribution ID
bucket_name="kim-grytoyr-io" # S3 bucket name
# Clean the public folder, Hugo doesn't do this for you
echo "Cleaning public folder.."
rm -rf ./public
# Build the website
echo "Building website.."
hugo >/dev/null
# Sync with S3 bucket. Delete from S3 if necessary, and only use file size for matching files
echo "Deploying to S3 bucket $bucket_name.."
aws s3 sync ./public s3://$bucket_name --delete --size-only > .sync.log
# Truncate temporary files
echo "Creating list of changed files.."
> .changed-files
> .paths
# Parse the log from S3 sync and remove everything but paths
while read -r line
echo $line | sed "s/^.*$bucket_name//" | tr -d '[:blank:]' >> .changed-files
done < .sync.log
# Replace the newlines with spaces for --path flag
tr '\r\n' ' ' < .changed-files > .paths
# Check if .paths is empty
if [ ! -s .paths ]
# No changes made
echo "No changes, nothing to invalidate.."
# Changes made. Invalidate changed paths in Cloudfront
echo "Invalidating cache.."
aws cloudfront create-invalidation --distribution-id $distribution_id --paths $(cat .paths) /index.html >/dev/null
echo "Deployed!"