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  Kim Grytøyr 4c236a2785
Added new link and signed files vor 16 Stunden
  Kim Grytøyr 9e555ecd72
Added link to WP Corona simulator vor 1 Woche
  Kim Grytøyr 9f2a91a473
Added link to Mattias Geniars website vor 2 Wochen
  Kim Grytøyr 04b45cca51
Added link to DNS Spy. vor 2 Wochen
  Kim Grytøyr d5fc69d7ae
Testing commit signing vor 2 Wochen
  Kim Grytøyr 5902023195 Added diary entry for 2020-03-14 vor 2 Wochen
  Kim Grytøyr 18d52d5a60
Updated links and resigned posts vor 2 Wochen
  Kim Grytøyr 25606bc6a8
Feedly image via HTTPS vor 2 Wochen
  Kim Grytøyr ef17262ea0
Fixed incorrect Feedly RSS feed URL vor 2 Wochen
  Kim Grytøyr 7dca343da4
Added Feedly image and custom RSS feed with full contents vor 2 Wochen
  Kim Grytøyr b8c54ec312
Signed files, removed moo and added the actual link to link entries vor 2 Wochen
  Kim Grytøyr 228c2e6f3d
Lots of org changes and some new content vor 2 Wochen
  Kim Grytøyr 62fd0c79cc
Set max-width to 800px on all pages vor 4 Monaten
  Kim Grytøyr f14cf2eb93
Removed public folder from git vor 4 Monaten
  Kim Grytøyr 8db4243b4e
Added Visual Studio Code keybindings post vor 4 Monaten
  Kim Grytøyr f9513ae327
Changed width to 800px vor 4 Monaten
  Kim Grytøyr 09fdcc3885
Added public folder to .gitignore vor 4 Monaten
  Kim Grytøyr a959569e78
Enabled RSS vor 4 Monaten
  Kim Grytøyr c8609b737b
Added Mastodon link and signature for the About page vor 4 Monaten
  Kim Grytøyr 0f06f7191b
Added new avatar and remove old avatars vor 4 Monaten
  Kim Grytøyr e9c40e226a
Added placeholder post for brewing and signed all posts. vor 4 Monaten
  Kim Grytøyr 3d54185d9f
Removed public signed files and added a new post vor 1 Jahr
  Kim Grytøyr 8d82decd21
New signatures for all files vor 1 Jahr
  Kim Grytøyr e5c66ddf78
Update copyright year and changed npaste link vor 1 Jahr
  Kim Grytøyr 78dd30aa22
Changed URL of signed files to Git repository vor 1 Jahr
  Kim Grytøyr 776acef78f
Lots of changes vor 1 Jahr
  Kim Grytøyr 7b49cd5221
Improved post about pretty printing JSON vor 1 Jahr
  Kim Grytøyr d073ec88bb
Fixed h-card name bug vor 1 Jahr
  Kim Grytøyr 59afe49f69
Added 2x avatar vor 1 Jahr
  Kim Grytøyr bb39fd69fd
Changed avatar and added link to enpo. Improved About page vor 1 Jahr
  Kim Grytøyr 17bd2ad08e
Added email whitelist post vor 1 Jahr
  Kim Grytøyr 2d15e35852
Fixed signatures vor 1 Jahr
  Kim Grytøyr 3071ab4ad0
Updated deploy script to use txt ext for signature files vor 1 Jahr
  Kim Grytøyr d1171f09d1
Minor text changes and changed signed files extenstion to txt vor 1 Jahr
  Kim Grytøyr 54e7b1aa62
Added new post and fixed signed file links vor 1 Jahr
  Kim Grytøyr a8fae8445d Added signature to posts vor 2 Jahren
  Kim Grytøyr a6fe5b2a2a Added post about basic server setup vor 2 Jahren
  Kim Grytøyr 93ec0ee9f6 Improvements to site, one new post vor 2 Jahren
  Kim Grytøyr cd15827666
Updates vor 2 Jahren
  Kim Grytøyr 44b6d6b7c2
Updated vor 2 Jahren
  Kim Grytøyr caecaa9ea1
Added new post about Ludum Dare vor 2 Jahren
  Kim Grytøyr 09d24f7a54
Adding changes used for testing deploy script vor 2 Jahren
  Kim Grytøyr 288925583b Fixed bug in deploy script and added vars vor 2 Jahren
  Kim Grytøyr c150118392 Added variables to deploy script vor 3 Jahren
  Kim Grytøyr 0c4d321823 Some assets cleanup vor 3 Jahren
  Kim Grytøyr ac6278632b Added comments to deploy script vor 3 Jahren
  Kim Grytøyr dd5fe49983 Initial commit vor 3 Jahren