VSCode extension for pasting to npaste.
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npaste-vscode README

This is a simple extension for pasting the selection of your current editor to an npaste server.


In general, you’ll need to have access to an npaste server to use this extension.

For encryption to work you need to have GPG in your path.

Keyboard shortcut

The default keyboard shortcut for pasting something is CTRL+ALT+P (CMD+ALT+P on a Mac).

Extension Settings

This extension contributes the following settings:

  • npaste.url: The url to the server with trailing /
  • npaste.username: Your API username.
  • npaste.password: Your API password.
  • npaste.age: Paste age (s,m,h,d,y)
  • npaste.archive: If a paste should be archived instead of deleted after it has expired.
  • npaste.encrypt: If a paste should be encrypted using GPG.
  • npaste.encryption_key_length: If using encryption, this will set the encryption key length.