121 Commits (dev)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Kim Grytøyr 4611431b50
#7 Fix interpolations in pug 11 months ago
  Kim Grytøyr d1cc3dfc79 Merge branch '7_fix_node_vulnerabilities' of kim/npaste into dev 11 months ago
  Kim Grytøyr 2f24a00663
#7 Update all npm packages 11 months ago
  Kim Grytøyr 95396fa67b
#7 Use pug instead of jade 11 months ago
  Kim Grytøyr ce1961114e Merge branch 'robots' of kim/npaste into dev 11 months ago
  Kim Grytøyr 2d87f6b4b5
#13 Added noindex and nofollow meta tag to HTML header 11 months ago
  Kim Grytøyr eacc20f67d
13 Added robots.txt to prevent indexing 11 months ago
  Kim Grytøyr c71b083c22
Bump version to 0.6.5 1 year ago
  Kim Grytøyr 09c96396dc Merge branch '6_restrict_opens' of kim/npaste into dev 1 year ago
  Kim Grytøyr 8c4475601c Merge branch 'dev' into 6_restrict_opens 1 year ago
  Kim Grytøyr 50ae32c5a5
Refactor paste availability check 1 year ago
  Kim Grytøyr 693716518f
Read default max opens from config 1 year ago
  Kim Grytøyr 76821d14f0
Show footer on front page 1 year ago
  Kim Grytøyr 4aa153d707
Remove excessive whitespace 1 year ago
  Kim Grytøyr 01bb35777b
Whitespace fix in CLI help text 1 year ago
  Kim Grytøyr cfb5389a52 #6 Add support for restricting how many times a paste can be opened 1 year ago
  Kim Grytøyr e1191267a0
Updated paths in setup script 1 year ago
  Kim Grytøyr ea6b6141d8
#3 fixed a minor bug in the error message reported when pasting a blacklisted mimetype 1 year ago
  Kim Grytøyr d14574dbc6
Merge branch 'master' of src.grytoyr.io:kim/npaste 1 year ago
  Kim Grytøyr caa702684b
Fixes #3 - converts mime type whitelist into blacklist 1 year ago
  Kim Grytøyr df0fdce43a Merge branch 'pgp_mime_type' of kim/npaste into master 1 year ago
  Andreas 84c69954ef Added mime type application/pgp to configs. 1 year ago
  Kim Grytøyr 7682cec113
Changed footer link to new repository and bumped version 1 year ago
  Kim Grytøyr cb0b77366f
Ugly hack for Markdown not working with unencrypted pastes 1 year ago
  Kim Grytøyr 52d1ee8a32
Added basic Markdown support and bumped version 1 year ago
  Kim Grytøyr 23e20b1f56
Added output param when downloading paste 1 year ago
  Kim Grytøyr fe41f87d3e
Updated npaste cli-script with error message when server does not support download or paste does not exist 1 year ago
  Kim Grytøyr 2a4dc622fd
Support for downloading pastes using full URLs, and further improved download and decryption 1 year ago
  Kim Grytøyr 3697e308a1
Added missing routes for downloading a paste 1 year ago
  Kim Grytøyr 1c42c18774
Bumped version 1 year ago
  Kim Grytøyr bd1dee5225
Updated packages 1 year ago
  Kim Grytøyr 818ee25009
Added support for downloading pastes and optionally decrypting them 1 year ago
  Kim Grytøyr 8fac657715 Fixed security issue with text/html 2 years ago
  Kim Grytøyr 2f12595423 Further improvements to install script 2 years ago
  Kim Grytøyr 4176945bcf Using quotes around CFG_DIR 2 years ago
  Kim Grytøyr 35a41243ac Using correct group on mac 2 years ago
  Kim Grytøyr 325d047657 Bumped version to v0.6 2 years ago
  Kim Grytøyr 7ba79620d2 Made key generation work on Mac 2 years ago
  Kim Grytøyr 071854a854 Added first version of setup script 2 years ago
  Kim Grytøyr 9ca64e30df Added additional passphrase security using vaults 2 years ago
  Kim Grytøyr d27a630ced Fixed encoding issue when decoding base64 text 2 years ago
  Kim Grytøyr da1c00dc6e Base64 encoding everything before encryption 2 years ago
  Kim Grytøyr a2889a5f60 Better decryption error handling and display text while decrypting 2 years ago
  Kim Grytøyr f6ec662868 Always showing URL of paste in terminal 2 years ago
  Kim Grytøyr 1776cb0cdd Added CLI script config value encryption_key_length 2 years ago
  Kim Grytøyr b9509c16f8 Code cleanup and refactoring 2 years ago
  Kim Grytøyr e70c397eda Added default config option for encryption 2 years ago
  Kim Grytøyr b210509092 First take on encrypted notes 2 years ago
  Kim Grytøyr 8a18442a7e Bumped version to v0.5 2 years ago
  Kim Grytøyr df1409fdb9 Updated TODO 2 years ago