npaste is a simple pastebin for text and images, supporting end-to-end encryption using GPG.
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  • Refactor code. Move stuff to modules etc (WIP)
  • Create script to create authentication token and add to data/tokens.json


  • POST to / should add a new text paste
  • DELETE to /:paste should delete a paste
  • GET /:paste should display a raw version of the paste
  • Check metadata before displaying file
    • If text, display raw file
    • If image, display image
  • Require basic authentication for POST and DELETE
  • Allow pasting of images (jpg, png)
  • Add basic syntax highlighting
  • Implement plain text flag when pasting text to ensure correct syntax highlighting
  • Implement "age" field when pasting. This allows pastes to automatically expire at a certain age.
  • Create bash script to paste text or image


  • Add boolean config "real_delete". If set to false, pastes will be archived instead of deleted when they expire. Reason for WONTFIX: When a user sets a paste to expire, they should never be misled to believe that it will be deleted without it actually being deleted from the server.