npaste is a simple pastebin for text and images, supporting end-to-end encryption using GPG.
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CLI script

Put the script somewhere in your PATH and put the config file in ~/.config/npaste/cli.conf.

Use cases

Pipe a program's output

echo "test" | npaste --age=2h

Could be used to grep some log files and pipe the desired result.

echo "test" | npaste --age=2h | xsel -i -b


cat | npaste --age=2h

Will give you a "text box". End with a blank line and Ctrl + D. Cancel at any time with Ctrl + C.

Screenshots with scrot

IMAGE_TEMP_FILE=$(mktemp --suffix=".png") && scrot -s -z $IMAGE_TEMP_FILE && npaste --age=2h $IMAGE_TEMP_FILE | xsel -i -b && rm $IMAGE_TEMP_FILE

Let you select a region on the screen with the mouse and puts the resulting URL into your clipboard.